Internet Radio 32meg...

Currently we are not broadcasting. The station is off the air. Sorry.

The forefront of harder electronic music, 32meg broadcast for several years.

We played breakcore, electronica, & more.

Featured new releases and live sets from the likes of:

2Unlimited, 2nd Gen, 7U?, 8-bit weapon, 8bit massacre, 16-17, 808 State, 1000 Homo DJs, A*Class, AaLex, About, Acrnym, Adam Ent, Add N to X, AFX, AIR, Al “Jazzbo” Collins, Alan Titmash, Alec Empire, Alice Deejay, Alien Hand, Ambassador21, Animal, Anti-Kati, Antipop Consortium, AphasicAphex Twin, Arling & Cameron, Arovane, Artificial Duck Flavour, The Assdroids, Asymptote, Atari Teenage Riot, Audiogarde, Autechre, Baby Ford, Bad Company, Banco de Gaia, Banned Aid, Basement Jaxx, Bass Force One, Belladonnakillz, Big Black, Biochip C., Biomuse, Biosphere, Bjorn Svin & Goodiepal, Blackjewishgays, Blacksmoke, Blaerg, Blatter, Bodenstandig 2000, Bomb 20, The Bomb, Bong-Ra, Bradbury & The Church Of Bling, Braindead Sound Machine, Brezel Goring, Brother P Touch & Lesser, Buckwheat Boyz, Bulldozerman, Bureau De Change, C64, Candie Hank, Carl Crack, Casino Versus Japan, Cassandra Datakill, Caustic Window, Cex, CHAOS A.D., Cheerleader69, The Chemical Brothers, Christoph De Babylon, Christopher Jion, Cibo Matto, Cobra Killer, Coil, Consolidated, Curtis Chip, Cylob, Darkel, Darling Kandie, Dat Politics, Datarapist, Deacon Boombabstardizer, Deathsitcom, Deee-Lite, Deejay Punk-Roc, Dev/Null, DHS, Din ST, Disco 2000, DJ/Rupture, DJ 6666, DJ Aneurysm, DJ Bleed, DJ Brokenwindow, DJ C, DJ Chucky, DJ Funk, DJ KOS, DJ Mowgly, DJ Rainbow Ejaculation, DJ Rozz, DJ Scud, DJ Technorch, DMX Krew, Donna Summer, Doormouse, Dr. Combat, Drop the Lime, Drumcorps, DRX, DuranDuranDuran, E-De Cologne, Eats Tapes, Ec8or, Eft, The Electric Hellfire Club, The End, Enduser, EPN101, Eradicator, Experimental Audio Research, Exus, Fanny, Fever, FFWD, Fidel Villeneuve, Firestarter, Firewire, The Free Design, Frog Pocket, Front 242, The Future Sound Of London, GAK, The Gentle People, Gina V. D’Orio, Giorgio Marauder, Girl Talk, Gonzales, Goodiepal, The Gothsicles, Gridlock, Hammerhead Housewife, Hanin Elias, Harbour, Hard Off, Hecate, Herrmann & Kleine, Hooray, Hrvatski, Iivix, J.P. Buckle, Jack Dangers, Jackal and Hide, The JAMMS, Jansky Noise, Jason Forrest, Jayrope, JDS, Jew Funk, Junkshop Coyote, Justice Yeldham & The Dynamic Ribbon Device, KMFDM, Kid 606, Kid Kameleon, Kid Koala, Kid Time CD-Rom Adventures, Killout Trash, KLF, Knifehandchop, Kraftwerk, Kris Weston, The Legendary Pink Dots, Lektrogirl, LFO Demon, Libythth, Like A Tim, Lolita Storm, Mashup Soundsystem, Massive Attack, Matmos, Max Tundra, Max Turner, Meat Beat Manifesto, Meteorites, Mike and Rich, Ministry, Minusbaby, MMFan316, Moabit, Moby, Mochipet, Mr.Bungle, Mr. Oizo, Multipara, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, N1tro, Nailbomb Cults, New Order, Next Life, Nine Inch Nails, Noize Creator, Nomads Of Dub, Nona Reeves, Nvoise, Obsolete Systems, The Orb, Ove Naxx, Panacea, Parasite, Patric Catani, Peaches, Phuture, Pidgin, Pigface, Pirates On The Moon, Pisstank, Pixiu, Plaid, Polygon Window, Porcupine Tree, Power Pill, The Prodigy, Punish Yourself, The Puppetmastaz, Pure, Puyo Puyo, R.Sin, Renegade Soundwave, Revolting Cocks, Rob Papen, Ron d Core, Rotator, S.E. Berlin, SCSI-9, Sesselberg, The Servants Of The Apocolyptic Goat Rave, Severed Heads, Shitmat, Shizuo, Sickboy, Slepcy, Society Suckers, Solid Gold Chartbusters, Somatic Responses, Sonic Subjunkies, Special Affect, Squarepusher, Stars As Eyes, Steel, Stuntrock, The Style Council, Sun Electric, Team Shadetek, The Tear Garden, Terminal11, Test Tube Kid, Thaddi, The Toilet, Transit Kings, Utah Saints, V/Vm, Venetian Snares, Vengaboys, Victor Brady, Vorpal, Warst, White Noise, The Winstons, Xanopticon, ZEA, & more. 

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